Project Venn

    A Global Collaboration

    Operating at the intersection of technology advancements and implementation helps Raising The Village reach the most vulnerable people in ultra poor communities. To fulfill our mission of reaching 1 million people living in ultra poverty, we’ve partnered with strategic organizations to ensure that we continue to develop improved capacity and maintain a high quality of programming. We’re always seeking more innovative and efficient ways to deliver our programs to new partners while maximizing time and resources.

    With the support of our colleagues at the Department of Economics at Oxford University, we’re excited to be launching our first randomized control trial. We’re now capable of capturing over 6,000 data points from our sample households to better understand income, assets, consumption, and other important information that helps us focus on what our partner families need most. We apply leading evaluation techniques to ensure a high level of accuracy and rigor that allows us to firmly stand behind our programs and methods.

    Thanks to Esri, a world leader in geographical information systems (GIS), who have provided us with ArcGIS, we’re able to map our partner communities and locate key points including water, schools, healthcare centres, and roads. This helps our team map best routes to reach last-mile villages and run analytics that help us maximize our support and impact before we’ve even set foot in the village.

    With brilliant data analytics, equipment, and experts from Alteryx, we’re able to bring in baseline data and real-time implementation information to track the progress of every one of our 400 active partner villages. This helps our field managers hone in on community progress on the path to success. Building on every graduate partner village’s experience and progress, we’re able to use the data we collect to find key relationships, program leverage points, and predict design outcomes to maximize our program impact with future partner villages.

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