“Our lives have tremendously changed over the past two years. You can see that the women in the group can take better care of themselves and their families,” Scovia, Itara Tweyambe Women VSLA’s Chairperson, expressed at the group’s monthly meeting. 

The first thing you notice about William is his optimism. As he shared his story and the hardships he has endured over the last few years, one couldn’t help but admire his resilience and determination to work towards a better future.

Every morning, 14-year-old Bridget in Katiba Village puts on her uniform, grabs her books and heads off to school. This wasn’t the case two years ago, when Bridget’s family struggled to make a stable income.

Aggrey’s daily mission was to secure his family’s needs. Raising four children with his wife, Aggrey and his family had to overcome all the hardships that affect most last-mile communities.

Evelyn is a 28-year-old mother who is determined to give her children a better life. Along with her husband, she raises her children at their small home in Karondo Village, a last-mile, ultra-poor community in Rubanda District in Southwest Uganda.

In this Q&A with RTV’s Senior Project Officer Beninah Byarugaba, learn how we partner with Ugandan youth as they unlock their potential, upgrade their skills, and improve their livelihoods, so they can break the cycle of ultra-poverty.

Moses starts his daily journey in the early morning at the fishing site. Upon buying the day’s fish, he smokes it at home and sets off to the road looking for customers. He proudly takes his prepared fish to doorsteps across his village, Rugarama, until he sells out.  Moses delivers his fish to his community [...]

“If anyone who was here years ago comes back now, they would easily spot the change in our lives,” says Salim, a father of seven, as he looks across the room at his wife, Aisha. As a subsistence farmer, Salim and his family have long depended on their home garden for both meals and income. […]

Jackson and his family live in a small home in Bujerenje Village, Kanungu District in Western Uganda. As a rural village, Bujerenje faces numerous barriers to breaking the cycle of ultra-poverty, including challenges with infrastructure and accessible services. Far from the electric grid, households like Jackson’s spend critical income on lighting sources like candles and […]

“I have lived here for over 50 years,” Generoza says. “When I first moved to Rubango, the rainfall was consistent, the land was fertile, and we really loved it here. Today, it is a different story.”  Generoza and her family live in Rubango Village, Kyenjojo District, where the community often struggles with insufficient access to […]