We partner with last-mile, rural communities to help them move out of ultra-poverty.

A world without ultra-poverty is the vision that drives us.

Operating at the intersection of community-driven development and data-informed impact, we partner with last-mile farming communities in Sub-Saharan Africa over 24 months to address ultra-poverty through a multi-dimensional program model. Our approach focuses on increasing household income and earnings from as little as $0.75/day to > $2/day within 24 months by driving agricultural incomes, fueling new income-generating opportunities, creating an enabling environment for communities to participate, and ensuring the sustainability of impact and progress.

With an emphasis on women, youth, and vulnerable households, each dimension of our program works together to build household incomes year after year as communities transition from subsistence farming to income generation, breaking the chronic cycle of ultra-poverty. 

income per person per day


average income+earnings per partner household of five per day


Last-mile communities experience deep disadvantage

Ultra-poverty in hard-to-reach rural communities means earning as little as $0.75/day for a household of five with multidimensional deprivations such as poor health, high food insecurity, inadequate living standards, and lack of access to education and basic infrastructure. Due to experiencing deep disadvantages and complex development challenges, these communities are less likely to receive support. Raising the Village addresses poverty through a multi-dimensional lens to build sustainable pathways out of ultra-poverty through a responsive, community-driven, and data-informed program.

We’re on a mission to reach 1 million people living in ultra poverty.

80% of the world’s ultra poor live in just 14 countries. The simple, affordable, and evidence-based program we have developed is highly scalable and replicable, and has the potential to reach millions living in ultra poverty.

We have the relationships, technology, programs, and people to end ultra poverty. Your donations can make this a reality.

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