Our Journey

From a few last-mile villages to impacting 1 million lives.

From a passionate concept in 2007 and our first cluster-based model launched in 2016 – to achieving a long-awaited milestone of reaching 1 million partner community members.

2007 - 2010

Raising The Village (RTV) began as a concept 

Focus on partnering with schools as a hub of community engagement in 3 villages in Central Uganda with Interventions launched around food security, WASH, financial literacy for school administration, agriculture, etc. Our first team member in Uganda joined in 2007, and we received charitable status in Canada in 2009. Various methodologies continued to be tested in pilot villages until 2015.

. . .

2011 - 2015

 From 3 to 7 villages

As we expanded, we added our focus on engaging local Governments to ensure the scalability and sustainability of the program model.  During this time, RTV received its first institutional grant and was incorporated.


23,913 partner community members reached 

Driven by a three-year plan to reach 100 villages within the Kisoro District’s northern region, we launched our cluster-based model in Kisoro in 26 villages. The model leveraged existing social and economic relationships between nearby communities, allowing local leaders to share knowledge, cooperate, and organize.

. . .


59,696 partner community members reached

In 2017, we reached an additional 35,783 people. RTV launched a scaled version of its program by partnering with 5,000 households across 26 remote villages through our cluster-based model.

. . .


111,936 partner community members reached 

In 2018, we reached 52,240 additional community members. RTV exceeded its 3-year plan to reach 100 villages in 2018. By the end of the year, our cluster-based program had partnered with a total of 152 villages. Our first cohort in Kisoro graduated with households increasing their income 4X over 24 months.

. . .


179,492 partner community members reached 

In 2019, 67,556 additional people enrolled in our program. Our 2017 cohort graduated in 2019 – outperforming our 2016 cohort in terms of growth in income and improvement in PPI scores. As we grew, we increased focus on gender, community-led initiatives, and income diversification as part of our program methodology.

. . .


276,860 partner community members reached 

In 2020, we expanded to reach 97,368 people amidst the global pandemic. Our first cohort launched in 2016 crossed its 4-year mark since inception, achieving an ROI of 1,420% on the initial one-time investment.

Ready-to-eat, our food security initiative was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, rapidly reaching and supporting more than a million community members across Uganda.

. . .


440,034 partner community members reached

In 2021, we continued to expand our footprint with 163,174 additional community members reached. Our first cohort launched in 2016 completed its 5 years since inception. At 60 months, partner households achieved an ROI of 1,736% on an initial one-time investment.

. . .


665,348 partner community members reached 

In 2022, we reached 225,314 people, increasing the number of our total districts of operations in Uganda to 13. Despite the cascading effects of the pandemic, rising inflationary pressures, and regional food insecurity, the cohort graduating in 2022  successfully increased their household incomes and production by 138% over 24 months, outpacing their peers.

. . .


966,621 partner community members reached

In 2023, we reached 301,273 people across Uganda and rolled out pivotal innovations as part of RTV Venn, our advanced data analytics ecosystem. With each successive cohort, we expanded our reach and optimized impact in our partner communities – demonstrating continuous improvement in our methodology.

Graduating cohorts in 2023 increased the program value by 6X the program investment within 24 months. For the 2018 cohort that completed 60 months since its inception, program value grew 12X the initial one-time investment.

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