Harvesting for the Family

Aisha shows us a pumpkin she is ready to eat in Kabukanga cluster, Kagadi district.

In Kabukanga cluster in Kagadi district, Aisha lives with her husband, nine children, and her older father who she cares for. Though she’s struggled with multifaceted challenges stemming from ultra-poverty in the past, since partnering with Raising The Village, Aisha’s life has been transformed through holistic programming that engages all village members, including a specific focus on empowering women.

Now, Aisha has the skills and resources to ensure her family’s needs are met, including ensuring her family has a nutritious meal from her garden every day.

Aisha, her husband (Thomas) and their children at their home in Kabukanga, Kagadi district.
“I cut pumpkins to extract the seeds and cook meals for my family. We received vegetable seeds from Raising The Village, and I’m grateful for their support.” Aisha said.

Raising The Village provides households with modern seeds such as soy, beans, and vegetables, and the training they need to ensure they can use these inputs for long-term food security.

Inputs and training on modern farming techniques are also paired with livestock, and Aisha and her family also received piglets in the program supported by Raising The Village.

Thomas stands with their pig and piglets.
“This is the pig we received from Raising The Village. It was tiny, but look at it now! It has had eight piglets, each valued at about UGX 80,000 (USD$22.20). Aisha explains. The pigs are helping us with the garden too. They provide the manure for the ground.” She added.

Through RTV’s “Ready-To-Eat” initiative and our agriculture training programs, Aisha and her family now have consistent access to healthy and nutritious food that will help build food security today and in the future, providing the entire family with a strong foundation for growth and development.