As little as $15 a month can lift a family out of ultra-poverty!

Help us create a world without ultra-poverty – one village at a time!

Over 1.1 billion people today live in acute multidimensional poverty, with half of them living in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ultra-poor families RTV works with face extreme vulnerability,  live in remote villages, and earn as little as <$0.75/day for a household of five. They lack access to clean water, nutrition, modern farming knowledge, and other necessities. This results in low incomes, negligible savings, and an extremely low quality of life. 

You can help us change this! 

Your donations will help us train last-mile farmers on modern agriculture practices, provide them with good quality seeds, help them access credit, and improve their farm yield and incomes. You can help last-mile families earn more, achieve food security, provide their children with a nutritious diet, and build an economically secure future.

We have so far reached 966,621 people across rural Uganda, with our partner families more than doubling their income from $0.84 per day to $2.23 per day in 24 months.  


How do we do it?

RETURN ON INVESTMENT for every dollar invested
UNLOCKED BY PARTNER HOUSEHOLDS within 24 months for every $114 invested
AVERAGE DAILY PARTNER FAMILY INCOME compared to a baseline of $0.84 per day
PEOPLE REACHED since the inception of our programs.

Drivers of impact

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