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RETURN ON INVESTMENT for every dollar invested
HIGHER NET VALUE over their peer group in 24 months
AVERAGE DAILY PARTNER FAMILY INCOME compared to a baseline of $1.02 per day

Our Initiatives

We focus on specific initiatives that reflect our values, keep us on mission, and help us and our partners work towards our shared goals. With a holistic model that covers so many areas, it’s easy to get confused about what we do. This is a snapshot of the initiatives we are currently undertaking to meet the needs of our partner villages.

Meet Jane

Two years ago, Jane was struggling to feed herself and her 3 orphaned grandchildren. Today, she is the treasurer of the agricultural livestock group, a member of the local village council, runs her own chicken project, and is the proud owner of a goat. Hers is a powerful story of potential and opportunity.

Transparency. Accountability.

See how your donations impact our partner families. Access all our numbers, field reports, and impact reports. We’re committed to being 100% transparent with our donors.

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