Eight Things We Are Celebrating in 2022

RTV staff dancing with partner communities

This year was not without its challenges. Rising inflationary pressures, intensifying food insecurity, and increasing impacts on agriculture due to the changing climate are some factors affecting the world, especially the most vulnerable.

But at Raising The Village (RTV), what keeps us going is our inspiration and the will to face those challenges head-on and continue finding ways to support our partner communities living in last-mile villages.

We believe it is important to celebrate the wins in the face of challenges. And we are so thankful for all the people – donors, partners, and friends who continue to support us and cheer us on.

As we wrap up this year, here are eight (of the many) achievements in 2022 that we are excited to celebrate with you:

1. Getting closer to our target of impacting one million people

We had promised ourselves to reach one million people by 2023 through our holistic livelihood program. With a 38% increase in our reach over last year, we are so much closer to our target with 665,348 people impacted to date. Looking ahead, we plan to aim even higher and wider to scale our reach and impact.

2. Achieving our ultimate outcome

We achieved what we had set out to accomplish – increasing household incomes and earnings in last-mile villages. According to our latest Impact Analysis, partner households who earned a dollar a day before were able to increase their incomes and earnings to $2.36/day (USD) in 24 months.

3. Going farther than ever before

Since RTV’s first cluster model launch, we have been expanding in Western Uganda. In 2022, we launched our first clusters (group of villages) in Eastern Uganda, as we continued expanding in the West, marking our first entry into a brand-new region for us. And we are not stopping there. We will continue to expand to the very last mile!

4. Growing our team

Our goals are ambitious and we truly believe that we can end ultra-poverty in our lifetime if we all work together. We are thrilled to see our teams are growing as we grow. This year, we welcomed 24 new staff members to join our team in Uganda. Meet our team!

5. Growing our partnerships

RTV has been on a path of rapid growth. With our impact continuing to grow and sustain, our funders and partners have been by our side. We saw sustainable growth in funding support this year which includes increasing support from our existing partners and additional funding from new partners. We also launched our very first partnership with the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (GAC) in 2022. We also grew our programmatic partnerships with local and national governments in Uganda, who continue to work with us closely for our joint objective of ending poverty.

6. Unlocking the potential of data to inform impact

We believe in accountability – not only to our funders and donors but also to our community partners and ourselves. RTV is very proud to be an organization that invests in innovative technology, advanced analytics tools, and frameworks built by RTV’s in-house teams that provide timely access to valuable data throughout the course of our work for program planning, progress tracking, impact assessment, and more. This year, we further advanced our work on Project Venn and we couldn’t be more proud of how we collect, analyze, visualize and utilize data to revolutionize the way development work is done.

7. Being loved by our partner communities

Our Community Net Promoter Score in 2022 is 83% with an average score of 9.26/10. This reflects that a net of 83% of our partner communities highly recommend RTV interventions based on their experience.

8. The personal success of our partner communities

According to our latest Impact Report, 70% of partner households set and achieved a personal goal in the past year, building confidence and momentum, as compared to 30% of peers. We feel so privileged to be a part of their personal growth and success.

All of this and more would not have been possible without our partnerships with the local governments, the trust of our funders and donors, and the dedication of our growing teams. A big thank you from RTV to all of you.

Be part of our journey next year. Support last-mile communities by supporting RTV. 

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Raising The Village (RTV) partners with last-mile, rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and develops holistic initiatives that pave the pathway out of ultra-poverty towards economic self-sufficiency within 24 months. Our programs focus on improving agricultural incomes through training and providing agricultural inputs, diversifying income streams, removing barriers to participation such as lack of access to health, water, financial inclusion, and food security, and promoting healthy behaviors including adopting healthy WASH and gender equity practices. Since 2016, we have impacted the lives of more than 665,000 people in last-mile villages in Uganda and increased household incomes and earnings by 138% in 24 months.